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8mm Film and Super 8 Film Transfer, Video Tape Transfer, Photo Collage, Photo Scanning, DVD Duplication and more!

Webster, NY (585) 746-4537

dvd tranfer co background of movie reel and film
dvd tranfer co background of movie reel and film

DVD Transfer

Preserving your Family History!

Located in Webster, NY (585) 746-4537

We are a multi-service Video Production Company specializing in:

  • Video Tape to DVD and Memory Card Transfer
  • 8mm and Super 8mm film to DVD and Memory Card transfer
  • CD and DVD Duplication
  • Photo Scanning and Photo archiving.
  • Digital Memory Card Transfer                                                                                          

Save Time and Money with our Services.

DVD Transfer Co. is proud to transfer Videotape and 8mm Film for some of the larger Retail Photo Stores and Transfer Shops So…

Why wait longer for your job to be completed?
Why pay 20% – 50% more for the exact same job?
Call us directly to discuss your Transfer, Scanning and Duplication needs

This business began when we inserted a Video Tape of my Daughter when she was 2 yrs old. Needless to say, we were sad to find that the sound was gone and the picture barely watchable. The Tape was only 6 yrs old at the time. After some research, I found that Video Tapes begin to lose their integrity very soon after capture and through time and storage these memories will be lost. Soon we expanded our Business to include 8 and super 8 Film as well as Photo scanning and archiving . As our reputation grew, we began doing work for some of the larger photo and transfer shops. While we do Video and Film transfers for some larger companies, our focus is and always will be on families. Where we differ from other companies is that none of our work is sent out to other companies to be worked on. Every project is treated like it is our own and the work is personal to us. Please never hesitate to call or email us with questions or concerns.

Did you know that your Videotapes have an expiration date?

While Video tapes are a great medium to shoot film onto, they are a poor way to store film. Video tapes begin to distort and lose quality after only five years and the average life of good quality, properly stored video is only 12 years. Not only will video tape deteriorate through wear and tear of playing but actually will lose quality even when stored due to the loss of magnetic tape images. Very simply, what this means is that one of the most irreplaceable items that we own, our only link to times gone by is in jeopardy of being lost.

The past is gone… Don’t lose the memories!

DVD’S are the perfect storage device. They are compact for storage, they incur no wear as you play them, they can be indexed so you can find your chapter and they don’t have to be rewound. Best of all we use Professional Grade DVD’s which are an excellent way to store your treasured memories:

  • Our Children growing up
  • Our Parents growing older
  • Special places we have been
  • Special people in our lives

D.V.D. Transfer Co. – Saving your old and Making your new!!