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Thank you to all of the wonderful Families that have allowed us to transfer their 8mm Film. In the past year we have transferred an estimated 300,000 feet of 8mm and Super 8 Film, and we appreciate all of the great feedback. Save time and money by bringing in or mailing your 8mm Film directly to us. We transfer 8 and super 8 Film for some of the larger Photo stores and transfer shops. Bringing it to us directly saves you time and money. Call for information and pricing. .

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The oldest moving memories that most our families have are on 8mm and Super 8mm film. Most of these reels are at least 35 years old (wow does time fly) and contain our oldest look into our past family, friends and vacations. The DVD Transfer Co. has become one of the most trusted names in 8mm and Super 8mm Film to DVD transfer. We are one of the few transfer companies that does all of it’s work “in house”. We never ship out your film to a third party, Our hands on, personal process assures that our customers film is transferred to its best potential and at the lowest cost possible to them. No hidden costs. Click on the videos on this page to sample 8mm film to DVD: (Remember YouTube is mp4 format (not as clear) Believe it or not… Many companies have transferred this format by shooting the film onto a screen and then Video taping it with a Camcorder. While this was certainly better than not transferring at all, the quality was often very poor upon completion. Our new system will Digitally capture your film directly and at the proper speed to assure the best possible flicker free transfer to DVD. Our service includes…

  • Digitally transferring to a Professional grade DVD and/Or Memory Stick
  • Custom label and case
  • Free Music, Title and minor Editing in production !!
  • Price: (All prices include Editing and Music)
  •  Our Film Transfer Charge is .15 Cents per Foot.
  • Your average cost for one 50′ roll is $ 7.50
  • Your average cost for a 200′ roll is $30.00
  • Your average cost for a 400′ roll is $60.00
  • Our producing charge is only $ 25.00 !! And it includes Editing, Music, Title and Professional grade DVD
  • Additional Copies only $ 10.00 each
  • Produced film to Memory stick (includes a DVD) Plus $20
  • Film jobs have a minimum $50.00 charge

Our prices do not include hidden costs like “set up charge” and “Master copy” charge that most companies charging by the foot do. We also do not charge for broken splices, backward spooled tapes or speed adjustments like many others do. Our “finished price” has no surprises Discounts are offered for large film quantity jobs. Please call or Email us for a quote. DVD Transfer Co will do their best to insure a high quality transfer of Film. The end result will have much to do with the way the film was shot and stored through the years.

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