Video Tape Transfer

BETA, VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, HI 8, Mini DV and Memory Cards can be transferred to long lasting, Professional grade DVD’s or Memory Stick  Save Time and Money. DVD Transfer Co has Transferred Video tape for some of the largest Transfer Shops and Photo Stores around. By bringing it or mailing it directly to us, you save Time and Money. Through the years, there have been many formats for capturing your memories on video tape. While videotape is a great way to shoot your film, it is not a very good way to store your film. Video tapes lose their magnetic signal over time, In as short as five years, the quality and color will begin to deteriorate even without use. The sound and picture are actually falling off the tape slowly. Tapes become brittle and eventually break , even if you never watch them! . Also consider that in a very short time, VCR’s will be obsolete. So if you want your memories to last, professional grade DVD’s are the clear format of choice for storing Video memories and along with Memory Sticks will keep you up to date with play back at this time. We digitally transfer your Videos to professional grade DVD’s at the best speed and quality possible. We also insert chapters so they are easy to navigate. Disc printed label and jewel case always included.

Pricing Video Tapes to DVD.(Standard Times)* Beta – VHS – 8MM – VHS-C – Mini DV  $20.00 Per Tape**. *Standard time on Video Tapes is Beta,VHS & 8MM  – 2 Hours    Mini DV – 1 Hour     VHS-C – 30 Minutes. **There may be additional cost for longer than standard time tapes or for combining tapes. Video Tape to Memory Stick (Includes a DVD) $25.00 Per Tape Plus Memory Stick ($15) One Memory Stick holds approximately 12 – 15 Video Tapes Memory Sick or SD Cards to DVD – $30.00 for  up to 90 Minutes.