The problem with Digital

DVD Transfer Co. specializes in saving your memories. They transfer all formats of videotape and 8 and super 8mm film to digital as well as scanning and archiving of old photos.

Digital cameras and camcorders have allowed us the freedom to snap away as much as we like. No charge for bad photos, no time waiting to see developed pictures. Like most things now days, instant satisfaction is achieved. So snap and film away as much as you like. Capture every irreplaceable second of life but just remember, unless you take the final steps to protect those pictures or videos, you may end up with no memories at all.

So you have taken some great pictures and videos but where are they now? Are they sitting on a memory card in your camera or did you take the next step and download them to your computer?  If you did transfer them to your computers hard drive remember, you are not yet safe. I can’t imagine how many millions of photos are sitting on computers across the world just waiting for the hard drive to crash or a virus to wipe them from existence. At least in days past you had a hard copy of a photo plus the negative of every picture you took. Harder to look at and share but much better to store and save.  So what is the final step to protecting your irreplaceable memories?

DVD Transfer Company recommends a two part storage system. Purchase an external hard drive that you can move your folders to after putting them on your computer and also burn the folder to a high quality CD or DVD like a Tiayo Yuden professional grade disk. As technology continues to produce new storage solutions, you will have more options for safe storage. This fairly easy two part system should keep your photos and video safe until then.